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This Router will require a 2FF Sim Card & Data Plan from a cellular carrier.  Contact us if you need a Plan. 405.607.4640

AER3100LPE-AT  Advanced Edge Router AER3100 with AT&T multi-band integrated modem and WiFi

The Cradlepoint AER3100 is an advanced edge routing solution that combines cloud management, advanced security (UTM), WAN Diversity, industry leading 4G LTE failover, high-performance WiFi, and dual modem capabilities for deployment versatility when wired lines are too costly or not available.  Administrators can extend best-in-breed management and security applications to remote branches with a solution that is customizable and lowers the total cost of ownership in a single deployment.Benefits


    • Supports LTE Advanced with SIM-based auto-carrier selection (LP6 versions only)
    • Multi-carrier 4G LTE support with dual SIM capability
    • Increase availability with seamless 4G failover
    • Augment WAN bandwidth: 4G, Ethernet (T1, DSL, Cable, MetroE), WiFi as WAN
    • Support cloud-optimized IP multimedia communications
    • Robust, real-time analytics to manage QoE performance, data usage, and costs

    ECM instant insights screen shotLocation-based analytics


    • Dual-modems with multi-carrier support for “Cut-the-Wire” solution
    • Add burst bandwidth easily for peak periods
    • Integrate with MPLS networks for Hybrid WAN deployments
    • Application aware policies for intelligent WAN selection and data usage optimization

    ECM analytics - dual modem signal strength

  • Dual modem signal strength analytics


    • Increase speed to deployment with “zero-touch” configuration at installation
    • Deploy services for increased security and advanced networking via the cloud
    • Integrate easily with enterprise applications using Cradlepoint’s open API

    ECM analytics - cloud-enabled security applicationsCloud-enabled security applications


    • Protect assets with IPS/IDS, stateful firewall, network segmentation, and VLAN support
    • Secure data transactions with advanced VPN options
    • Integrate Zscaler to inspect “direct to internet” traffic with near-zero latency
    • Purpose-built for PCI compliance

    ECM Protect Network screen shot

  • Rogue AP detection

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